Yamaji Takafumi
   Department   SOJO UNIVERSITY  Department of Computer and Information Sciences, FACULTY OF COMPUTER AND INFORMATIONSCIENCES
     /(DC)Division of Applied Information Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering
     /Division of Applied Information Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering
Date 2019/08/22
Presentation Theme A Study on Noise and Occupied Area of Poly-phase Circuits
Conference The 32nd Workshop on Circuits and Systems
Promoters IEICE Engineering Sciences Society
Conference Type Workshop/Symposium
Presentation Type Speech (General)
Contribution Type Collaborative
Publisher and common publisher Takafumi YAMAJ, Akio SHIMIZU
Details Radio communication systems often use two analog signals as real and imaginary parts of a complex number; the two signals are usually called I and Q signals. The analog signal on an integrated circuit is usually a differential signal which is the voltage difference between positive and negative nodes. Therefore, a complex number is expressed using 4-node voltages. On the other hand, control systems for electrical motors often adopt balanced 3-phase system. Therefore, 3-phase is enough for two-dimension, amplitude and rotation controlling.
In this paper, comparison between the different number of phase system is described. A larger number of phase system is required for harmonic-rejection mixers. The result is that the occupied areas on integrated circuit chips are independent of the phase number n if the required signal-to-noise power ratios are the same.