Ikeda Tsuyoshi
   Department   SOJO UNIVERSITY  Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, FACULTY OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES
     /(DC)Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Language English
Publication Date 2017/02
Peer Review Peer reviewed
Title Inhibition of gingipains and Porphyromonas gingivalis growth and biofilm formation by prenylated flavonoids
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Journal J. Periodontal Res.
Journal TypeAnother Country
Publisher Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Volume, Issue, Page 52(1),pp.89-96
Author and coauthor Kariu T., Nakao R., Ikeda T., Imamura T.
Details RESULTS:
We isolated 17 prenylated flavonoids (Limonianin, Epimedokoreanin B, etc.) from Epimedium species. We found that some prenylated flavonoids inhibited gingipain activity in a non-competitive manner with Ki values at μm order. The prenylated flavonoids also hindered growth and biofilm formation of P. gingivalis, in a manner independent of gingipain inhibition by the compounds.

The results indicated an inhibitory effect of the prenylated flavonoids against P. gingivalis and would provide useful information for future development of periodontitis treatment that suppresses gingipains, P. gingivalis growth and biofilm formation.