Koga Motoya
   Department   SOJO UNIVERSITY  Department of Architecture, FACULTY OF ENGINEERING
     /Division of Construction Systems Technology, Graduate School of Engineering
     /(DC)Division of Socio-Environmental Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Country of Awarding Japan
Authority to GrantChair of Kyushu Branch, CPIJ
Award NameHighest Award of Poster Session of Kyushu Branch, City Planning Institute of Japan
TitleProposal for Welfare Town Planning Method and Experimental Development of Support System for Persons with Disabilities
Award Winner(s)Motoya KOGA, Shinobu IZUMI, Shigehito MATSUBARA
Award TypeAward at Domestic Conference, Meeting or Symposium
DetailsIn this study, we proposed the method of welfare town planning and experimentally developed the support system for wheelchair users.
Our proposed method of welfare town planning is to make a town maintenance plan reflecting wheelchair users opinions by preparing the opportunities that they directly take part in the town planning and actively express their opinions.
Furthermore, on the spots of town planning we used a function of our developed wheelchair users support system to quantitatively calculate reduction of physical load for the wheelchair users.
The wheelchair users support system has another function. That is one to navigate the wheelchair users to the place which they want to go from the present place. This route is found by calculating the minimum physical load for the wheelchair user.