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  ジョナサン ローベリー   Jonathan Rowberry
  ジョナサン ローベリー
   所属   崇城大学  総合教育センター SILC
   職種   教授
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 2018/03 論文  Active Learning Using Student Recorded Monologues (共著)  Link
2. 2016/03 論文  University Entrance Exams Renewal - From Translation to Communication (共著)  Link
3. 2015/05 論文  Revisiting Dictation: An Investigation of Gains into Students' Aural Decoding Skills (共著)  Link
4. 2014/10 論文  Assessing the Influence of Test Language on a Test of Listening Comprehension (共著)  Link
5. 2014/05 論文  Using Moodle for Listening Skills Development (共著)  Link
■ 学会発表
1. 2018/09/12 Placing Autonomy at the Heart of the Curriculum(Independent Learning Association Conference) Link
2. 2018/02/04 Baby Steps: Self-directed learning in the classroom(Sojo University Teaching and Learning Forum) Link
3. 2017/05/20 Comparing standardized placement tests: VELC and OOPT(JALT PanSIG Conference) Link
4. 2016/11/06 Short-term study abroad as a stimulus to language learning(Independent Learning Association Conference, Wuhan, China)
5. 2016/07/24 Teacher talk in the elementary school classroom
■ 学歴
1. 1990/09~1993/08 University of Leeds Faculty of Arts 卒業
2. 2000/09~2002/09 Institute of Education, University of London
■ 職歴
1. 2014/04~2015/03 崇城大学 工学部 総合教育 教授
2. 2014/04~2015/03 崇城大学 SILC SILC 教授
3. 2010/04~2014/03 崇城大学 SILC SILC 講師
4. 2006~2010 Charles Darwin Secondary School,London English Teacher and EFL Coordinator
5. 2003~2006 Kanda University of International Studies EFL Lecturer
■ 職務上の実績
1. 2010/04/30~ Member of editorial board for Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal Link
■ 資格・免許
1. 1994/04/30 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (International House, Cairo)
2. 2007/07/15 UK Qualified Teacher Status (Secondary Education) Link
■ メールアドレス
■ 現在の専門分野
Foreign language education, English Linguistics (キーワード:Linguistics, English Language Teaching) 
■ 科研費研究者番号