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  ギャレス ハンフリーズ   Gareth Humphreys
  ギャレス ハンフリーズ
   所属   崇城大学  総合教育センター SILC
   職種   講師
■ 著書・論文歴
1. 2020 その他  PhD research report: A qualitative study on developments in perspectives towards English use and intercultural communication among university students in Japan from short-term student exchanges (単著) 
2. 2019 論文  Supporting the Learning of Study Abroad Students (単著) 
3. 2017 その他  Stamp Rallies (共著) 
4. 2016 論文  Short-Term Study Abroad: Attitudes to Intercultural Communication (単著) 
5. 2016 論文  Improving Speaking Task Engagement Among Japanese University Learners (共著) 
■ 学会発表
1. 2019/08 Changing perspectives towards intercultural communication from short-term overseas study programmes among Japanese university students(British Association for Applied Linguistics 2019)
2. 2019/08 Developing intercultural perspectives from short-term study exchanges among Japanese university students(World Education Research Association 2019 Focal Meeting)
3. 2019/07 Representing diversity in English use and among users in curriculum change(The 31st Annual Conference of JACET Kyushu-Okinawa Chapter)
4. 2018 E-Learning for intercultural awareness(2018 Special Lecture of JACET Kyushu-Okinawa Chapter)
5. 2018 Developing intercultural awareness through e-learning tasks.(Task-Based Learning in Asia)
■ 学歴
1. 2014/02~ University of Southampton Centre for Global Englishes 博士課程
2. 2008/10~2011/11 University of Portsmouth 修士課程修了
3. 2001/09~2005/06 University of Portsmouth 卒業
■ 職歴
1. 2013/04~2015/03 崇城大学 SILC SILC 講師
2. 2012~2013 University of Newcastle INTO / Centre for Excellence in Applied Sciences for Africa Lecturer
3. 2009~2011 RMIT University Centre for Communications Lecturer
4. 2008~2009 St Andrews University ELC Academic English Instructor
■ 主要学科目
English language, intercultural communication, study abroad
■ researchmap研究者コード
■ 資格・免許
1. 2011 MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL
2. 2005 Cambridge University Certificate of English Language Teaching
3. 2005 BA (Hons) Latin American Studies
■ 委員会・協会等
1. 2018~ The Japanese Association for Asian Englishes
2. 2018~ Global Englishes Network
3. 2016~ British Association for Applied Linguistics
4. 2015~ The Japan Association of College English Teachers
5. 2013~ Japan Association of Language Teachers