Yamaji Takafumi
   Department   SOJO UNIVERSITY  Department of Computer and Information Sciences, FACULTY OF COMPUTER AND INFORMATIONSCIENCES
     /(DC)Division of Applied Information Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering
     /Division of Applied Information Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering
Country of acquisition Foreign country (米国)
Patent No. USP 8,502,712
Date of Grant 2013/08/06
Patent Title Analogue to digital converter and signal processing system
Details According to one embodiment, an analogue to digital converter converts an analogue input signal to a digital output signal. The converter includes an analogue to digital converting unit, a multiplexer, a pseudo-alias signal generator, a gain controller, and an alias signal compensator. The analogue to digital converting unit converts the analogue input signal to a plurality of digital signals. The multiplexer sequentially selects one of the digital signals and outputs the selected digital signal as a multiplexer output. The pseudo-alias signal generator generates a plurality of pseudo-alias signals from the digital signals. The pseudo-alias signal simulates an alias signal component in the multiplexer output. The gain controller generates a plurality of gain control signals by using the pseudo-alias signals. The gain control signal controls gain of the digital output signal. The alias signal compensator compensates the alias signal component by using the gain control signals.