Yamaji Takafumi
   Department   SOJO UNIVERSITY  Department of Computer and Information Sciences, FACULTY OF COMPUTER AND INFORMATIONSCIENCES
     /(DC)Division of Applied Information Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering
     /Division of Applied Information Sciences, Graduate School of Engineering
Country of acquisition Foreign country (米国)
Patent No. USP 7,522,080
Date of Grant 2009/04/21
Inventor Yamaji; Takafumi (Yokohama, JP)
Patent Title A/D converter, signal processor, and receiving device
Details An A/D converter which converts an analog current signal into a digital signal, includes: a filter removing a noise component from the analog current signal to output an analog voltage signal; a quantizer quantizing the analog voltage signal outputted from the filter to generate the digital signal; and a D/A converter converting the digital signal generated by the quantizer into an analog feedback current to feedback to an input of the filter, and supplying a bias current for the D/A converter to an output of a frequency converter via a path of the analog current signal as a bias current driving the frequency converter outputting the analog current signal.