FACULTY OF BIOTECHNOOLOGY AND LIFE SCIENCE Department of Applied Microbial Technology Academic Staff
Name Specialization Areas
Andou Syouji Functional biochemistry, Bio chemistry, Cell biology, Applied biochemistry
Ekino Keisuke Applied microbiology
Harashima Satoshi
Nagahama Kazuhiro Applied Microbiology, Conservation of Biologicalresources, Food Science, Insect Science, Plant Physiology
Nishizono Syouko
Oka Takuji Molecular biology, Applied microbiology , Applied physical properties, Applied molecular and cellular biology
Sasano Yu Applied microbiology , Molecular biology, Biofunction and bioprocess engineering, System genome science
Sigusa Noriaki Applied microbiology , Food sciences
Taguchi Hisataka Molecular biology
Teramoto Yuji Marine engineering
Name Specialization Areas
Kojima Kouji Functional biochemistry, Plant molecular biology/Plantphysiology, Biofunction and bioprocess engineering
LIU Xiaohui Chemical substance influence on environment, Others, Molecular biology, Functional biochemistry
Ohta Hiroto
Name Specialization Areas
Kadooka Chihiro